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Victory, thy name is Debbie.

Athletics kept my weight in check throughout most of college, but after graduation I found myself pushing almost 200lbs when I started my first job.  I knew nothing about nutrition, so I naturally fell back on exercise as a means to try and lose the extra weight I had put on. I did slowly shed about 15lbs, but still felt pretty “blah”.  Over the next few years my weight went up and down a little, but I was still overweight and not where I wanted to be. My clothes didn’t fit right, I wasn’t sleeping well, I battled acne, and suffered from migraine headaches that would knock me out for days at a time and would only go away with a trip to the urgent care clinic or ER. Needless to say, my health was suffering as well: at age 25 my total cholesterol was over 260! Enter: Medical Weight Loss Specialists of Bismarck.

The knowledge and information about nutrition I have gained has been immense. Reading about the sugar industry and how big of an influence they have had in politics and the shaping of government dietary recommendations left me shocked and to be honest, ANGRY!  MWLS of Bismarck gives you the tools you need to lose weight, and teaches you how important the QUALITY of food is over quantity. I easily shed about 15lbs in the first 2 months and the scale was hovering at 170lbs before I became pregnant. I was terrified of gaining an enormous amount of weight during pregnancy; not only to face the daunting task of losing it afterwards, but the health risks associated with excess weight gain for both me and the baby were something I wanted to avoid at all costs. Thankfully, I was able to keep the weight gain to a healthy amount, and after my son was born I lost the weight plus an additional 10 lbs.

MWLS of Bismarck gave me the nutritional knowledge I needed to not only lose weight, but easily maintain my weight loss. I don’t worry about every single calorie that goes into my mouth; I just know how to make the right choices. Today, I am down almost 40lbs from my heaviest weight.  I sleep better, I rarely suffer from migraines anymore, and my skin has cleared up. My latest cholesterol result was well within the normal limits at 147 (normal is under 200), and I have more energy (even after chasing around my 11 month old son all day)! I don't just work at the clinic, I am a living/breathing/walking/talking success story of this program!