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Why Obesity Medicine?

Let's face it. When it comes to weight loss, the government-recommended dietary guidelines have clearly failed us.

Americans have been hearing "eat less, move more" for 35 years, yet the rates of obesity and chronic disease continue to skyrocket. Our program is backed by a growing amount of medical research that challenges these outdated guidelines. We're attacking the obesity epidemic using a comprehensive, individualized approach that focuses on eating real food and addresses the underlying cause of weight gain.

With a combined 27 years of experience working in various areas of healthcare, we have seen first-hand how our current system is failing. We dedicated our careers to obesity medicine because we have seen how being overweight can negatively affect health and quality of life. We have a passion to help others and feel a greater sense of responsibility to share our knowledge beyond the walls of our clinic. In an effort to make a greater impact on the health of our community, money from the Fedex Small Business Grant would be used to facilitate free educational seminars and health screenings. Please visit the Fedex Small Business Grant website to vote for Medical Weight Loss Specialists of Bismarck! You can vote once every 24 hours from now until April 5th!



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