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The 3 Phases to Successful Weight Loss

Throughout the program, we will continue to monitor, encourage and support you in reaching your weight loss goals. The program uses three phases to approach your weight loss:


Active Weight Loss Phase: During this phase, most patients are seen monthly and are using medications on a daily basis. We work with you on all major components of obesity and design an individualized plan. 


Transitional Phase: During this phase, visits and medications are spaced to find the lowest dose of medication and the lease number of visits that keep the disease under control.


Maintenance/Relapse Phase: This phase is an unique aspect to our program and is designed to prevent weight regain or to halt it if it starts. Regular visits will be reduced from monthly to every two, three, or six months depending on your individual needs. Eventually you will not need to return to the clinic. However, you are a patient for life and we are always here for you if needed.