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Why do you insist I have a primary MD and that we continue our annual exams?

Our entire team is specialized in the treatment of weight management, and we consider losing weight to be a preventative health measure for many of our patients. While treating your obesity will often involve the treatment of other diseases that are related to your weight, there are many other health issues that do not fall under this category. As a result, it is important to have a primary care physician that you can contact while participating in our medical weight loss program.

The field of bariatrics or medical weight loss is a specialty. Your primary care physician will likely have knowledge about the importance of losing weight, but it is not the main focus of their practice. When you are trying to lose weight, having a team of Weight Loss Specialists is crucial for the support, motivation, and encouragement you will need.

Many patients that struggle with obesity have already developed serious conditions such as diabetes or heart disease; and therefore, already have a primary care provider. We will work with your doctor to help you to become healthier and provide the best possible care. Your primary physician will continue to be responsible for regular screenings for other conditions, such as breast or prostate cancer. After working hard with us to become healthy it is important to continue annual exams to ensure proper health for years to come.